About Men film by Maja Bugge

What is missing in your life?

If you are like most men, it’s brotherhood.

Who do you call at 2AM

…when you discovered you’re getting divorced, when life as you knew just ended? Who do you call when you just got that dream job?

Most of us men stopped having a cadre of close friends when we left school or the military. We promised each other that our friendships would continue… but they didn’t. How could they when your friends are all over the world?

What didn’t you get to learn?

As kids we learn more through modeling than through instruction. What were your parents model that you didn’t want? What were they not modeling that you wanted?

Maybe they did modeled some skills and traits you wanted, but the stress of the family was such no human could learn and practice those skills and traits.

You aren’t bad, broken or doomed

In these days of pharmaceutical existence where every year there’s a new condition and a new drug for it, self-diagnosing the new neurosis is inevitable.

You don’t need drugs or therapy. You need your peers being themselves, supporting you to be yourselves. Your ancestors didn’t have Eli Lilly selling them Prozac. They had themselves. They had their tribes.

You can have your tribe.

Over the years we have seen men and women heal, create and succeed in ways that they thought impossible through just sitting with each others.

Follow your genome

We left the tribe 10,000 years ago. Yet the tribe didn’t leave us. Our genome is 99.9% the same as our tribal ancestors.

We are hardwired to need a close community. Do you have a close community of men that you are honest with? How many men do you know that have that community?

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You can start your own tribe – for free. We will give you a free guide on how to form and run a successful group.

If you want support we created Free to Win as a company that provides experiences of groups and support in creating successful groups. We are the go to people for men’s groups.

The documentary About Men tells the story of four men in our original group, the Sandpoint Men’s Group. Owen Marcus’ book, Grow Up: A Man’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence lays out how to fill the gaps of what wasn’t modeled, taught or learned as we grew up. Owen’s blog, www.owenmarcus.com explore seldom discussed aspects of being a man.

Top photo from the shooting of the documentary, About Men by Maja Bugge. Second photo also of the Sandpoint Men’s Group and shot by Owen Marcus.