Q: What can Men Corps do for me?

We can assist you in starting your own free men’s group.

Once you have a group going, you realize how easy and fun it can be. Before you start one, it can seem like a daunting task. How do you go about getting men to join? Who do you invite? What do you do in meetings? What are some of the things you should avoid? What are a few simple actions you can take that make a big difference?

Those of are the few of the questions we get. We are here to help you.

Q: What are the plans for Men Corps?

We want to grow Men Corps to be an open source resource. In other words, we want you—our community to contribute to our evolution. As men in groups, there is no better resource for other men starting or running groups.

We plan to start a community of men and groups worldwide.

From what you want, we want to serve men so they can contribute their unique gifts to their families and communities. How that manifests is up to you.

Q: Why get involved?

We learned that men want to grow—they just need a method that is natural and a place that is safe. Some men come to a group because their relationship is about to blow up. Others come because they long for brotherhood.

We also learned that men want to lead—they want to find a forum where they need to step up. Every man has the potential to lead other men. Each man will do it differently. When a man finds his way to contribute and lead, his life suddenly becomes more meaningful.

Q: What does Men Corps need?

Two things:

Money to support men and their groups.

Your participation in helping other men and guiding Men Corps.