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The Why and How of Men Corps

Men Corps evolved out of Owen Marcus’ free men’s group he started. The success of Sandpoint Men’s Group inspired Owen to offer his new model of men’s groups to other communities.

The hundreds of men and families who benefited from these free groups were the motivation for sharing this system with other men. The men behind Men Corps discovered that when men are given a simple protocol and a little guidance they can create a powerful tribe of support.

Every man has the need and the instinctual requirements to be part of a tribe. This tribe doesn’t need to run through the woods naked. It does need to be authentic in a masculine way. New Age and macho models of masculinity are dead.

Men need a new model of how to show up emotionally. They need a model that can only be taught by men. The teaching can’t be academic—it needs to be experiential. Men also have a need to lead other men to a better place. A powerful group gives a man an opportunity to contribute to another man’s life. Men want to serve—there is no better way than through a men’s group.

A man is only as strong as his community.



Executive Director

Owen Marcus is the founder of Men Corps and the developer of Masculine Emotional Intelligence (MEI). He is also president of Free to Win, a training and develop company producing products and courses for men.

His recent TEDx talk: What 10,000 Years of Progress Has Cost Men outlines a new model for men and their emotions. Owen is the author of Grow Up: Men’s Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, which lays out the nine essential phases in a man’s development. His MQ Test measures the five key traits of MEI. Emotional Superman is Free to Win’s online course in MEI. He also blogs at www.owenmarcus.com.

His work in somatic-psychotherapy, mindfulness and men’s groups lead him to create a new design for men’s groups when in 2005 he formed the Sandpoint Men’s Group, the focus of the film, About Men. With his staff at Free to Win, he trains other men how to lead free men’s group around the skills of taking men deeper into their emotional experience.