Supporting Free Men’s Groups

SUPPORTING Free Men's Groups

Men's Group in Every Town

No man should go without the opportunity of having a free men’s group to join.

Men aren’t creating or joining groups because they are unaware of the benefits, and don’t have the knowhow to create a successful group. With a little education and support, any group will give a man that masculine support he’s missing.

How many men have a band of brothers who will be there when he needs them? Sure, most men have ‘friends’, but remember your close tribe that you had when you were a kid? How many still have that tight group of friends that are there for him, no matter what?


We Need Help

Getting the word out of what is possible takes work, then providing the needed support so men succeed with their group takes more support. Much of the support will come from other men volunteering, yet it still takes an organization to coordinate and educate.

Men Corps is a tax deductible 501(c) (3) corporation.

You choose what you want to give. Thank you.

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