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Today when men are feeling lost and unsupported at home and work, they need what our ancestors had when they had their hunting parties.

Be a vet coming home from war or a new father disoriented in his new role—men need other men to be their brothers. We need to conduct research that supports men in starting their own free men’s groups. This research can explore what occurs when men participate in these groups and the need for such groups.

Anecdotal evidence only goes so far; we need empirical proof, so this free model of support can help more men.


This is the core of Men Corps’ work. We focus on educating the community about what is possible with a free men’s group. Once a man decides to start a group, we are there to support him in organizing and running the group.

Like any endeavor, you have never done; it can seem daunting to start a group. As men, will tell you, once started, they begin to run themselves. We learned with giving men a solid model on how to structure a group and some basic skills; success is virtually guaranteed.


Getting the word out and assisting men is what we most need help with. We can’t do this alone. The groups may be only men, but the support for the groups is a community venture.

You can help men by sharing what we do and by supporting us to do the same.

Thank you for your support.

Men Corps is a tax deductible 501(c) (3) corporation.

You choose what you want to give. Thank you.

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