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To give men the tools to succeed in their lives.

Where do you go for emotional support, unconditional friendship, and experiential wisdom from your peers? What non-judgmental arena works best to help you create a more meaningful life?

While family, church or friends can provide some value, each has its own specific agenda that isn’t necessarily tailored to your requirements.

We are community deficient. The tribe has vanished—that organic group of people who lived together, provided for and protected each other, raised everyone’s kids together, healed each other and celebrated the stages of life.

The tribe no longer exists. Yet, buried in our genes, is the instinctual need to be a part of a tribe - to connect, nurture, share life’s lessons, and become our best possible versions of ourselves.

One story was about a family whose barn that burned down. The next weekend, the entire town showed up to build the family a new barn.

The men worked from dawn to dusk, the women tended the kids and the food, and the kids had a two-day party. Beam by beam, the men worked at erecting the frame, then the roof, then the walls. As they worked, they told jokes, teased each other, and loved each other in authentic ways men do.

Here is a request to women to support Men Corps and men. We might do it for women, we certainly can't do it without them. If we are going to impact what it is to be a man we need women supporting men to join groups. We need women championing men's groups.

Men Corps is a tax deductible 501(c) (3) corporation.