As simple as empathy is, it can be hugely powerful. This video does an excellent job of laying out the genetic lineage of empathy. Here’s a popular post on empathy. Here’s an informative interview I did on Building a Culture of Empathy for Men. Both of these links not only show you why empathy is […]

WDS Presentation on Micros

This is our introduction to our interactive presentation we did at WDS (World Domination Summit). If you did attend, here’s a review. If you didn’t here’s what we said to introduce the concept of micro-communities. I’m Ken Solin, author of a book about micro-communities, Act Like a Man, and a writer for The Huffington Post. […]

Money Does Buy Happiness

Michael Norton Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Marketing Unit and Marvin Bower Fellow at the Harvard Business School claims that when spent on others money will buy happiness. The interesting finding was when a group or team spent money on each other verses themselves the group always performed better be it a sales […]

Men Corps Speaks at MDI

Where is the last place you would imagine men and women gathering to dive into supporting each other and discussing ongoing support? Would say Las Vegas? Well, Ken Solin and I were speakers at the annual conference for MDI and there sister organization, The Family of Women – in Las Vegas. Even though it wouldn’t […]